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An Easy Pre-Fast Menu For Tisha B'Av

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Editor's Note: This year erev Tisha B'Av falls on Shabbat, that means that instead of the usual pre fast meal and then seudah hamafseket, you can eat a full meal and many even say you can enjoy meat for this meal. The fast begins before Shabbat is actually over. Please consult your local Rabbi for full laws and customs. This menu below will work for this year and beyond and can even be served room temperature for ease of Shabbat. 

If you’re looking for a pre-Tisha B'Av fast menu, then you are in luck!  I’ve included three of my favorite, easy recipes that meet my pre-fast criteria.

1. I find the saltier your foods, the harder it is to fast due to thirst.  Especially during the heat of summer!  Limiting salt definitely makes it easier.

2. I’m always looking for filling foods.  The combinations of protein, healthy fats and fiber will keep you feeling fuller, longer.  This is ideal when preparing to fast.

3. Taste!  Who wants to eat flavorless foods?  These recipes are packed with flavor and nutrition – a winning combination.

4. End on a sweet note.  Who can resist dessert?

You can find my recipes here for Roasted Salmon with Cucumber Yogurt, Simply Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Spiced Banana Crumb Cake – a perfect pre-yuntif meal.

An Easy Pre Tisha Bav Fast Menu

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