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“Avadim Hayinu”: How Not to Become a Slave Prepping for Passover

25 days until passover

Every year as Passover approaches the panic and stress starts to build. You have to figure out when to start cleaning, what to buy, how many people to host, and how to stay sane while doing all this. For most people who work, getting ready for this holiday may seem impossible! I have come up with a method to stay calm and get everything done on time before Passover.

Last year our Seder had 45 guests, 20 of which were under the age of 12, 5 of which didn’t eat Kitniyot, and 3 of which were complete vegetarians.  My parents landed in Israel just a few days before the holiday, which left most of the preparations to me! In the end, the menu was all-inclusive and catered to all.

1. Start Now!!

  • Go through all the cabinets and throw out anything you won't use before Passover.
  • Make a list of all useable chametz and plan to use them.

2. Don't Let Any Food Leave The Kitchen.

  • Every day choose a different room to go through making sure there are no food in any bags, jackets or closets.

3.  Don't Go Cleaning Crazy!!

  • The halacha is to make sure there is no chametz, you don't have to spring clean unless you want to (I decided a long time ago not do my Spring cleaning before the most stressful holiday of the year).

4. Guest List, Menu Planning and Shopping

  • Next week, when you are done with your cleaning you can start planning using our Passover Recipes to get started and make a shopping list (Buy pantry items early, it takes the pressure off and you know you the stores will have your favorite items in stock)

Stick to my plan and you can go into the holiday with the right kind of attitude!

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10 favorite use up your chametz recipes: (Use up your pasta, bread, pizza dough, puff pastry, flour, and oats)

Minestrone Soup

Persian Bean and Noodle Soup

Apple Cheddar Monte Cristo Sandwich

BBQ Pulled Chicken Sandwiches

Beet Pepperoni Pizza

Salmon En Croute

Lamb Turnovers

Homemade Graham Crackers

Chocolate Almond Granola

Fruit Cobbler Crisp

Beef Empanadas with Wonton Wrappers

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