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Back in White – Kosher Wine for Anytime

white wine

Wherever you turn, people are seeing red.  Even rosé has a better reputation.  Let’s face it, red is the new black and white is left in the closet hoping for a fish dinner, light pasta or summer picnic.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Although consumer preferences and market realities have held many kosher winemakers back from making the same progress on the quality of their white wines as on their red, it’s time to give kosher white wine another try.  Get away from Chardonnay and try some other great varietals that are crisp and light and amazingly aromatic.

Shavuot is a perfect time to get back into white!

Here are a few wines we will be drinking this weekend and some tasting notes for each.  L'chaim!

2009 Elvi Wines Ness Blanco (Spain); $15. This blend of Moscatel and Sauvignon Blanc has notes of apricot nut, flowers, lychee, freshly cut grass.  The wine is fresh, with good acidity and a nice lingering finish.

2011 Carmel Appellation Ridge White (Israel); $15.  A dry white wine made mainly from Colomard (50%) Sauvignon Blanc (35%) and Viognier (15%), from the slopes of Mount Carmel.  The wine was cold fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruity aromas.  The wine is clean and refreshing with good balancing acidity.

Carmel Single Vineyard White Riesling 2010 (Israel); $22.
  This is a semi- dry white wine with a pleasant aroma of citrus, green apple and lime and a refreshing acidity.

Yatir Viognier 2009 (Israel); $30.  This wine has a nose of green apple, peach and nectarine with excellent acidity, fermented and aged for five months in stainless steel tanks.

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