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Barech - The Seder Can Set You Free

2 Days Until Passover85

Passover night revolves around the Seder. The word Seder (order) is related to the word siddur (prayer book) because both involve an important order of prayers or in the case of Passover, actions, which we follow one after the other. The Pesach Seder is divided into fifteen steps. Each one of those steps, in the correct order, is crucial in creating the right frame of mind needed to experience the exodus from Egypt our ancestors went through more than three thousand years ago.

What's the connection between the number fifteen and the Passover Seder?

The talmud tells us that there were fifteen steps that a person walked up to enter the Temple in Jerusalem. Levites stood in each of these steps singing fifteen psalms of King David which are called the fifteen "songs of ascent". Add to this that God's name contains within it four letters, the first two of which have the numerical value of fifteen.

Just like those steps outside the temple, the Passover Seder if followed correctly, permits us to elevate ourselves to a higher spiritual place. Steps are only helpful if they take us somewhere. In the case of Passover, they can set us free.

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Main image source: The Kosher Butcher's Wife having fun with a seder plate and cooking up some meat.