Candy-Inspired Desserts

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I’ve been asked to define Purim, so I guess you could say that on a very superficial level Purim means candy, and costumes, and candy, and more candy.

I was flipping through Martha Stewart mag and I saw a piece on candy- inspired desserts. What a great idea – a sophisticated spin on a candy bar! Anytime I see something that makes my mouth water, I’m gonna remember it, but this time I also cut it out and saved it in my Purim folder. Pulled it up last week and created a “Snickers Cheesecake” just for you. Well, ok, it’s really for me, but I’m willing to share.

This delicacy tastes like it dropped straight from heaven, but you need to plan for it: it takes at least six hours of chilling time. But I promise you, it is SO, SO worth it!

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What other “candy-inspired” desserts have you tasted? Better yet, if you could have your choice, what candy would you turn into a full-fledged dessert? We can develop a recipe for you in the next few months (for Purim, Passover and beyond…). No sense in limiting this joy to the Purim season.

So what’s your favorite candy bar?