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Candy Wrapper Hair Accessories

candy wrapper headband

We have a very strange candy minhag in my home every Friday night when my brother in law comes to stay with us.... which is pretty much every weekend! After the dishes are cleared and the table cleaned, out comes the candy. Mike and Ike's ALWAYS make an appearance. When I was asked to come up with a craft using candy wrappers I was so beyond excited since I've been thinking about doing something with them for so long. I loved the idea of creating hair accessories out of the old boxes and wrappers. It's such a great party craft for girls or the perfect mom and daughter project to bond over.


  • plastic hairbands
  • clips
  • hot glue gun
  • hot glue
  • empty candy boxes
  • empty candy plastic wrappers
  • scissor
  • pen
mike and ike head bands1

Headband Instructions

Cut up plastic candy wrappers into small pieces. Hot glue them to the headband in an overlapping pattern. Have fun! Mix and match colors and designs. The more variety of labels used the more interesting it will look!

flower clip

Flower Clip Instructions

Open the empty candy box length wise. With your pen draw large petals. You can either do a straight edge or a pointed one. Repeat the process again with a different color candy box, but this time make the petals a bit smaller.

Starting at the top, hot glue the petals one at a time in a clockwise direction. Once you have your base flower put together, hot glue it to you clip. Next, hot glue the smaller petals in between the larger ones. Scrunch up a bit of a plastic candy wrapper and glue onto the middle of the flower. A button would be cute too!

This post was sponsored by Mike and Ike, all opinions are my own.