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Caviar For Shabbat

kosher caviar for shabbat

This article is dedicated to my father, who with out fail, reminds me every three day yom tov to do eruv tavshilin.  Eruv Tavshilin refers to the prepared food that is set aside with a prayer before a yom tov, that allows us to cook and prepare foods on a yom tov for Shabbat when Shabbat is the following day.  This is most often necessary when two days of holiday lead into Shabbat as we have been enjoying this year.  Get all the details of Eruv Tavshilin here and don't worry if you have forgotten or didn't know about it before, there are many that allow you to rely on the eruv of the Rabbi in the community who will have everyone in mind.

In my family as I am sure in many it is customary to use a hard boiled egg and challah or matzah for the Eruv.  It is easy to eat the bread at any meal, but no one in my family really likes to sit down to a hard boiled egg, that is how I started to serve Caviar on Shabbat.

Traditionally caviar refers to the fish eggs of specific fish, like beluga, which is not only ridiculously expensive, but also not kosher.  However, caviar can really refer to any type of fish eggs including Salmon roe which many people enjoy in sushi.  Years ago I found a jar of black caviar at the store that was sold for at most three dollars and was kosher.  I knew it was going to be the delicacy people go crazy over, but I figured it would be fun and was well within my budget.  I learned to serve it on a light cracker or blini with chopped egg white, egg yolk and onion.  I didn't have a mother of pearl spoon, so I used a ceramic spoon and my husband had a blast snacking on caviar and drinking vodka.

Only recently did I try the caviar that Chef David from Prime Grill says is the best Kosher caviar, Bowfin.  While not nearly as expensive as the non kosher stuff, it was at least 10 times the price of my cheap stuff.  It might be worth the splurge now and again, but I am just as happy without it.

Recently I spotted the inexpensive caviar again and brought it home, excited to introduce it to the kids.  After sitting int he cupboard a few months, I finally found the best time to serve it on Rosh Hashanah.  I had my hard boiled egg, I had some crackers and I found a new tradition.  Yes, caviar is high in sodium, but it is also low calorie and noted to be an excellent source of vitamin A, Potassium, Omega 3 fats, and vitamin D.   Still, it is generally enjoyed in small quantities so I wouldn't get too excited.

kosher caviar