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Israeli Independance Day, aka Yom Haatzmaut, is all about the mangal, aka grill. Israelis will set up their grill in any empty spot in an over-crowded park, sidewalk, or beach boardwalk, as the family gathers around to enjoy a traditional picnic. In fact, disposable grills are found all over the country for sale just for this purpose. While the burgers sizzle, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

You can celebrate your own Israeli BBQ wherever you are, just like in Israel, with these patriotic recipes. Then pick a spot in a park or your backyard, play some Israeli music, and invite some friends to join in the fun.

Here are some fun homemade recipes for your Yom Haatzmaut celebrations that the whole family will love. Most of these dishes can be made at home, then packed away for your designated picnic spot. Vegetarians and meat-eaters alike will all have something to enjoy!


Magen David Buns

These Magen David Buns are rich, fruity, spicy and delicious, and each one sports a magnificent Magen David on its golden, shiny top.   

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Tofu Veggie Skewers

In Limor Cohen's family, every year they meet with friends under their secret tree on the Carmel Mountain. They always have two charcoal grills: Meat and veggie. One family is responsible for the veggie skewers that include veggies and tofu or seitan in a marinade. These skewers are very popular among the meat eaters as well.  

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This Middle Eastern Hamburger combines unique Middle Eastern spices and herbs for a delicious, juicy burger with an authentic taste.  

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Kosher Pickles

Every burger needs a good pickle! These are fermented, for an extra probiotic zing.

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LEMON LOVER'S HUMMUS (Watch the video)

Lemon Lover's Hummus

This authentic spread is made with canned chickpeas and a nice amount of good quality extra virgin olive oil for a quick, smooth, and creamy, exquisite tasting hummus.  

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BISSLI SCHNITZEL (Watch the video)

Bissli Chicken Schnitzel Video

This recipe will keep the kids happy for sure! 3 ingredients are all you need to make the most succulent chicken schnitzel. (You can make ahead and bring to your BBQ for a pre-burger treat, or use instead of burgers in your bun).

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Halvah Baklava

This recipe is directly inspired by Halva Kingdom in Machane Yehuda and in the new Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. This business was founded in 1947 by the grandfather of the current shop owner, Eli Maman. After the expulsion of Jews from the Old City of Jerusalem, the family moved the shop to Machane Yehuda Market. The recipe of their famous halvah is from Morocco, and it is hand-made with traditional methods from organic sesame seeds imported from Ethiopia. The richness that the halvah adds to the baklava is outrageous. 

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