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Chanukah 2015 Foodie Gift Ideas

I love coming up with these gift guides, because it is basically everything I would love to get.  It is too hard to find new things to buy people and who needs more stuff, but I love food and I love to try new things.  This year I am sharing a nice selection of recent favorite foodie finds that will make great gifts for anyone.

Acacia Honey Flute

flute acacia.png

Savannah Bee has become my favorite gift resource.  They have something for every price point, the packaging is gorgeous and the assortment of products means there is something for everyone.  Browse all our Savannah Bee Honey recipes

Eden Foods Gift Baskets

Eden Foods Gift Basket

I just found out that Eden Foods makes and sells gift baskets.  Such a great gift for the practical among us to send our friends food baskets with healthy useable foods that are new to them.  There are several varieties, choose the ones that are right for your friends with the Eden Foods Gift Baskets.


Dana's Bakery Macarons

Macarons are the latest craze, or not so latest, but we love them and they are pricey, but hard to make, so that makes the best gift.  If you want to do something a little extra special don't stop at one box.  The monthly gift subscription is a great gift that keeps on giving and can be bought for as little as 3 months and up to 1 year. 

Squirrel Brand Gourmet Nuts

squirrel gift nuts

I discovered these flavored nuts at Kosherfest this year and Jamie and I both found our favorites with salty Truffle Almonds and sweet Creme Brûlée Almonds. They come in small and large bags for everyday, but also these beautiful boxes for fabulous gifts. 

DIY - Make Your Own

DIY Confetti Chocolate Truffles

Make your own homemade gifts and wrap them up yourself for the best gifts of all.  Didn't your Mom always love the homemade gifts the best!!  Take our video course and you will be amazed what you can do.  Our video courses on Challah and Brisket make great gifts too!!

Foodie Gift Guide - the best food gift ideas for every budget

{Disclosure: Some of the companies featured in this gift guide are advertising partners with Joy of Kosher.  Thank you for supporting our sponsors that allow us to continue to create new and special content for you.  All opinions are my own.}