Cheese Blintzes Recipes - How To Make Your Own

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Chocolate Cheese Blintzes

Cheese blintzes are quintessential Jewish food especially celebrated on the dairy holiday of Shavuot.  Sure you can buy a package of frozen blintzes and even use them to make a classic Blintze Souffle, but don't you want to show off this year and make your own?   It is easier than you think if you give it a shot and 100% worth it.

Once you master blintzes you are can go ahead and make crepes too, really they are the same thing and you can fill them with anything you desire from fruit to cheese even to meat if you want.

cheese blintzes

Step by Step Instructions To Make Your Own Blintzes

Our friend and personal chef, Naomi Nachman shares a step by step photo tutorial on cooking and rolling your own Cheese Blintzes.

For best results you might want to go ahead and buy a crepe pan. Then what are you going to fill it with?  Look below for inspiration.

California Asparagus and Mushroom Filled Crepes

California Asparagus and Mushroom Filled Crepes

Banana and Yogurt Crepes

Banana and Yogurt Crepes

Need something lighter? try these Light Cheese Blintzes.

Maybe Corn Blintzes are your thing or Lewisville Blintzes, browse and make your own, then let us know what you came up with.