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Cheesey Recipes For Shavuot

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This recipe for halibut comes from a fisherman we met many years ago in Alaska. We spent a wonderful day out on his boat halibut fishing, and we caught some huge fish. Since we knew we would be eating halibut from the freezer for months to come we asked the fisherman for his favorite halibut recipe. His answer surprised us. He told us to stuff it with cheese and roll it in bread crumbs.It was a surprising answer. Up until that point I never would have thought to combine fish and cheese, but we figured that a halibut fisherman must know something about eating fish .That night I made this cheesy fish in the cramped kitchen of our RV and it instantly became a favorite.It isn’t an elegant dish, since the cheese oozes all over, but it is do delicious no one seems to mind.I like to make the dish with halibut but any firm white fish will work just as well.

cheesy fish

Cheesey Fish

One nice thing about having fish for dinner is that you can have a dairy dessert. While I certainly never feel deprived when enjoying delicious parve desserts I have to admit there is nothing quite like a rich and creamy dairy cheesecake. I don’t make cheesecakes very often so when I do I want to make sure they are amazing. This cheesecake is rich and creamy, just like a good cheesecake should be, but its is a bit more interesting because it is made with goat cheese. The goat cheese adds a wonderful tang and earthiness that is perfectly complimented by the herby undertones of the thyme honey. This is one of those desserts where the leftovers will call to you from the refrigerator to come and get one more slice. It is the ultimate elegant cheesecake.   Get the full recipe here.

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