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In Parsha Shemot, we are bent but not broken, the Jewish people persevere despite the cruelty of Pharaoh.  In this week’s parsha, we witness the birth of Moses, the agent of our redemption.  Moses floats along the Nile river in a reed basket, rescued by the kindness of Pharaoh’s daughter.  For this week’s Shabbat menu, discover our Dim Sum Baskets – easy to make, hard to resist.

Dim Sum Baskets


We start the meal with these vegetable filled baskets to remind us of the basket Moshe was saved in, but we know many of you like to make Hot Dogs in a Blanket, those work too, even with wonton wrappers instead of puff pastry. 

Teriyaki Skirt Steak with Rice


It doesn't get much simpler than this dish which happens to reheat wonderfully.  Feel free to sub chicken for beef if you prefer. 

Roasted Wild Mushrooms

yakitori mushrooms

These mushrooms are best made with all sorts of wild mushrooms, but even a mix of button and cremini will do.  Note, they shrink, so make more than you think you need.

Sauteed Spinach 

Sauteed Spinach

A quick healthy side of sauteed spinach can be served cold or room temp. 

Chocolate Chip Banana Cake


Because everyone loves a good bundt.  

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