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Chocolate Falafel with Fruit Salad and Parmesan Cheese Tuile


This blog post is all about reinventing Israeli cuisine in honor of Jamie making Aliyah. With Yom Ha'atzmeut around the corner, I don't think there's a better time to introduce it! When you think about Israeli foods, I think that there is nothing more Israeli then falafel.

Falafel is the quintessential example of Israel itself, not just its cuisine. Its flavors are loud, obnoxious, and loved by all; this dessert rendition is the same. You have the rich fried chocolate falafel balls paired with the fresh and sweet fruit salad and perfectly balanced with the salty parmesan tuile.

I think one of the reasons that falafel is so popular with Israelis, and around the world, is because it's an entire meal tucked into a pita. A single falafel has a bit of everything you should be eating daily: vegetables, protein, carb; and, of course, the taste of deep fried deliciousness.

As vegetarian – veganism continues to be on the rise, so is falafel. I think the best example of this is Maoz Falafel which started out in Amsterdam by two Israelis but has slowly spread all over the globe.

There are two recipes for the original falafel ball, a Yemenite one made strictly with chickpeas or the Egyptian one made from fava beans. I would say that this recipe might have an American tinge to it; not only is it a dessert but it's a dessert that involves frying chocolate.

Unlike the much loved classic which is street food, this is definitely a more refined show stopper for when guests are coming over. The recipe isn’t overly complicated especially because you can freeze the falafel balls in advance before frying them at the last minute. This dish will surely wow friends with its taste and the fact that you use both Hebrew and French (tuile means tile or when cooking, a thin crispy dough) while introducing this dish.

Like the original falafel the chocolate falafel balls are best served immediately after they are fried. Like any falafel enthusiast knows there is a legitimate danger of burning your tongue when you excitedly eat them right off the frying pan!

Chocolate Falafel with Fruit Salad and a Parmesan Cheese Tuile is the perfect thing to serve this Yom Ha'azmeut to get a taste of today's Israel; which is constantly reinventing itself and challenging our views on everything sabra from falafel to kibbutzim.