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Cookbook Spotlight: The New Passover Menu

New Passover MenuFI

The New Passover Menu is the newest cookbook written by Paula Shoyer. In this innovative new cookbook, Paula does an excellent, and I must say delicious,  job of  creating new recipes that work in the confines of the Passover dietary rules. Paula has found a way to include recipes for every type of cook. She combines the nostalgic Passover favorites with new inventive creations, such as Banana Charoset, Peruvian Roast Chicken with Salsa Verde, Moroccan Spiced Short Ribs, and Sweet Potato Tzimmis.  Paula also includes many dessert recipe, which are her specialty, including several that are gluten-free. To help with your planning, she includes eight seder menus as well as suggestions for other meals. The menus are great to use as is or you can be creative and mix and match.

Here are three sneak-peek recipes that can be found in the cookbook:

Lamb Stew

This Lamb Stew with Apricots, Pear, and Mint  was inspired by a recipe that Paula received from Moti Yitzhaky of Moti’s Market and Grill in Rockville, Maryland. Moti's flavorful recipes are inspired by his Moroccan ancestry and beyond, and Paula skillfully includes that flavor in this hearty stew brightened up for spring with fresh pear and mint.

Seder Plate Salad

This Seder Plate Salad is Paula's version of a French Niçoise salad, but instead of tuna Paula uses lamb. She also includes two of the ritual components of the Seder plate and table, kosher sweet wine and maror (the bitter herb, in this case, white horseradish).  This salad also makes a nice lunch or light dinner during chol hamoed, the nonholiday days of Passover.

Linzer Tart

This Linzer Tart may be the reason you buy a rolling pin for Passover. In a pinch, a wine bottle works very well. You can make this dessert with any flavor jam you like. Paula even sometimes spreads a red jam on half the crust and apricot jam on the other half. The Tart has a gluten-free crust that requires 3 cups of three different kinds of ground nuts, but if you do not have enough of one type, you can substitute another.