Countdown to Passover Tip #11: Kosher for Passover Snacks Only

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The time has come to stop handing out chametz snacks when kids come clamoring.

I admit yesterday's tip was a doozy. Cleaning the better part of your house for Passover, even the lightly trafficked areas, is a big job. Today's tip from Professional Organizer Rivka Slatkin is easy by contrast:

Tip #11: Begin giving kids only kosher-for-Passover snacks.  If you stick to fruits and veggies it will be easy.

See, I told you it was easy.

Now, here's my recipe. I'm sticking with poultry and offering an all-time classic that I use on Passover and year round.


Recipe #11:Roasted Turkey

Turkey is easy to cook and one of the most affordable ways to feed a crowd. Plus, you can't help but impress when you bring your mouthwateringly gorgeous roasted turkey to the table. You can watch a video of me making my Roasted Turkey if you want a little more detail.

Check back tomorrow when we drop Tip #12  and another Quick & Kosher recipe.

For more detailed plans on how to make Pesach Perfectly Organized, please visit and take a look at the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection, written by Rivka Slatkin, Professional Organizer.