Countdown to Passover Tip #17: Make Your Kitchen a Passover-Only Zone

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Countdown to Passover Tip #17- Make Your Kitchen a Passover-Only Zone

The time has come to make your kitchen kosher for Passover.

Yesterday's tip from Professional Organizer Rivka Slatkin was about cleaning our kitchens for Passover. That's a tough job, let me tell you. Today, we go the next step and turn our kitchens into Passover-only zones. So, without further ado, here is Rivka's tip …

Tip #17: Begin making your kitchen kosher for Passover by covering your counters, cleaning your oven, lining your shelving and putting out your Pesach dishes.

You are going to be hungry after all that work, but the kitchen will be kosher for Passover so a sandwich is definitely off the menu. How about a nice "super" salad?

Recipe #17: Warm Salmon Salad

Salmon is one of those "superfoods" we all read about and don't eat enough of. It is high in protein, filled with heart-healthy omega fatty acids and one serving provides a daily dose of vitamin D as well as a host of other vitamins and minerals. Plus most people, even non-fish lovers, like salmon. In this recipe, salmon combines with fresh spinach—another nutrient-rich superfood. If you can't find kosher-for-Passover pine nuts; leave them out

Tune in tomorrow for tip 18 (chai!) and a new recipe.

For more detailed plans on how to make Pesach Perfectly Organized, please visit and take a look at the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection, written by Rivka Slatkin, Professional Organizer.