Countdown to Passover Tip #20: Cooking Ahead

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Countdown to Passover Tip #20- Cooking Ahead

There are a lot of meals on Passover. It is time to get cooking.

Yesterday our vacuums were running non-stop. Though I suspect that the vacuum cleaner will continue to run for the rest of the week, today we're back in the kitchen with the latest tip from Professional Organizer Rivka Slatkin.

Tip #20: Begin to prepare and cook foods that you prefer to refrigerate rather than freeze.

For my recipe suggestion, I have the perfect make-ahead (but not too far ahead) dairy dish. Just remember to leave out the capers and substitute matzah for flatbreads.

Recipe #20:Smoked Salmon Rolls

Now, with about a week to go before the first seder, you probably want to time your refrigeratables carefully so nothing spoils. On the other hand, there are a lot of meals between now and the "opening ceremonies,"  and with the kitchen in Passover mode you have to be prepared.

Tip and recipe 21 arrive tomorrow. See you here.

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