Countdown to Passover Tip #21: Sprint to the Finish

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Countdown to Passover Tip #21- Sprint to the Finish

Preparing seder plate items in advance will make the day of the first seder less stressful.

We're already cooking perishables so Pesach must be right around the corner. With the first seder happening in less than a week (evening of Monday March 29, 2010), time for Passover prep is getting tight. Of course, if you've been following our tips from Professional Organizer and Passover prep expert, Rivka Slatkin, you're way ahead of the game. So here is Rivka's pre-seder tip for today:

Tip #21: Prepare seder plate items in advance. Don’t save this for the day of the first Seder. I promise your erev pesach will be much more relaxed if you don’t!  Check out my Seder Plate Check list here.

For my recipe I'm thinking another classic make-ahead dessert.

Recipe #21: Lemon Ice

With only 10 minutes needed to prep this dessert before it hits the freezer, what could be easier than this refreshing lemon granita? If you are going to make this far in advance, cover the dish with plastic wrap so it doesn't pick up any funky flavors from your freezer. Also, don't worry about zesting lemon rinds too far in advance; it's fine to just leave lemon zest out.

Tune in tomorrow for our 22nd tip and recipe!

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