Countdown to Passover Tip #24: Looks Like We Made It!

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Countdown to Passover Tip #24- Looks Like We Made It!

Setting the table is all that's left. Passover is ready to start and you're calm, cool and collected.

Can you believe it? We are down to the very last tip in our four-week festival of Passover preparation hosted by yours truly and Professional Organizer Rivka Slatkin. The final changeovers are done and, since we're all basically ready (hurray!), the last tip is a simple one that can be taken care of on Sunday or Monday morning, if needed.

Tip #24: Set up guest areas and set your seder table with the seder plate checklist.

For my last recipe, I'm suggesting something fun for chol hamoed:

Recipe #24:Homemade Chocolate Fondue

Who can resist chocolate? And melted chocolate is doubly delish. Don't worry if you don't have a dedicated fondue pot. A sauce pan and bowl for dipping will do fine.

Well, that's it. No more tips (sniff, sniff). Okay, maybe a bonus on Monday, but after that nothing. I promise.

For more detailed plans on how to make Pesach Perfectly Organized, please visit and take a look at the Yom Tov Perfectly Organized Collection, written by Rivka Slatkin, Professional Organizer.