Countdown to Passover Tip #4: Establish A Passover Center

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Believe it or not, now is the time to start your Passover cleaning. That way you can set aside a chametz-free area to store all your Passover purchases.

Tip #4: According to Professional Organizer, Rivka Slatkin, now that your Passover meat order is in, you've cleared out your closets of old clothes and you've started your Passover clothes shopping, the next step in preparing for Passover is to start  cleaning. This first phase of Passover cleaning begins in the living and storage areas—bedrooms, guest rooms, closets, etc. Clean the upstairs rooms from back to front starting with the closets and storage centers in each bedroom, such as drawers and bureaus. This way you can be certain that these areas are chometz free and they can potentially be used to store items as you clean other rooms in the house.

Recipe #4:Un-Stuffed Cabbage Soup

This hearty beef soup classic is a real crowd-pleaser. One note, though, this is a sweet recipe. If you like things more savory, use a less sugar and/or add a teaspoon of black pepper for some kick.

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