Countdown to Passover Tip #6: Start Your Passover Food Shopping

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Now is the time to start shopping for Passover non-perishable foods.

If you've been following along, you know that we've been counting down to Passover with tips from Professional Organizer and Pesach phenom, Rivka Slatkin. And, if you've been following along, you probably have your "Passover center" designated and ready to go.

Now it's time for the sixth tip.

Tip 6: Designate a separate pantry on the main floor to store non-perishable Passover grocery items so you can start Passover shopping early. If you don't have room to create a separate pantry for Passover food, start to move your chametz foods out of your newly-assigned Passover food area. It is best to do this step close to Purim, so, instead of putting all of the food you received over Purim back into the pantry, you put it aside. Keep some grocery bags lined up in a hallway or dining room to store chametz so that everyone knows this food is not going back into the pantry. The pantry is now reserved for Passover non-perishables like matzo, which you should buy now. Now is also the time to familiarize yourself with items and brands that are kosher for Passover year-round, so you are not limited to expensive Passover brands.

For my recipe, I have a another gorgeous salad that is as good looking as it is tasty.


Recipe #6: Sweet Carrot Salad

Filled with all kinds of yummy stuff that is super good for you, the pineapples, cranberries and apricots in this salad sparkle like jewels. For Passover, please substitute olive oil for the Canola oil called for in the recipe.

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