Countdown to Passover Tip #8: Set Up a Passover Mini Kitchen

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Countdown to Passover Tip #8-Set Up a Passover Mini Kitchen

Don't wait till the morning of the first seder to start cooking for Passover. Set up a Passover mini kitchen.

Yesterday we worked on our Passover inventories of kitchen supplies and, today, were continuing on our Passover odyssey with Professional Organizer Rivka Slatkin by starting to cook. So here's Rivka's latest…

Tip #8: Create a mini Passover kitchen in the basement or laundry room with a slow cooker, a few knives, cutting boards, some spices, aluminum tins and a freezer. This way you can pre-cook some Passover meat dishes and freeze them for use during the holiday. You will need a sink, but you could even use the laundry sink for this purpose!

Now for my contribution …

Recipe #8:Veal Stew with Apricots and Prunes

This veal dish is perfect for the seder or whenever you hanker for a really tasty, no-fuss main course this Passover.

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