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Creative Mishloach Manot From Recycled Containers

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One of my greatest pleasures each Purim is giving creative mishloach manot, almost always made from recycled containers. Now it's true, my deliveries haven't been grand as far as the quantity of edibles goes, because it's a bit of a challenge to find a recycled container that's large, but I know that my creations have always been greatly appreciated and in many cases saved to enjoy throughout the year. So while everyone of course does have to make a personal chesbon about what is realistic time wise, I'd say that it's a great investment to go handmade with your containers, and if not for all of the mishloach manot you need to make, then at least for some of them.

And if you find yourself in a bit of a creative slump, wondering why you decided to get crafty all of a sudden, just ignore those voices, carry on, and be glad you're not me, the creator of, so no one will have any expectations! And in any case, whatever you do, it will be great! Of course if there are kids around to join in the fun, then all the better! My kids know that when the dining table is covered in stenciled cereal boxes, Purim must be just around the corner, and everyone is welcome to join in on the fun!

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Recycled cereal boxes can make great mishloach manot containers. Simply open the seams carefully, and stencil or paint on the un-printed side of the box. Re-glue with the decorated side out and voila! For more detailed instructions, please see my post here. And if you're looking to include the kids, see the post where my kids painted pictures on the boxes, and drew with markers, with adorable results, here.

Baby Formula Can Mishloach Manot

Ever used baby formula and cringed every time you tossed one of those great cans, especially the tall ones? Well I found a great solution, mishloach manot of course! I was inspired by chocolate boxes with fancy ribbons when I created these, and you can find all the directions for decorating the cans here.

Plastic Soda Bottle Mishloach manot JOK

Soda bottles as mishloach manot, really? Why yes as a matter of fact, and I've gone that route too! Admittedly you can't fit a whole lot in these containers, but maybe that's a good thing. Choose quality over quantity and this is the perfect project for you, as well as the simplest of the three that I've shown here. You can find the complete instructions here.

Wishing you all a very creative and joyful Purim, and please do stop by and visit me at for lots of tips and projects for enhancing the everyday with creativity. Purim Sameach!