Dairy Passover Desserts

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tiramisu for passover

When I'm planning my passover dessert menu the first thought that comes to mind is back to basics. Food the way it is meant to be eaten. Fresh and unmarred, good clean baking with limited ingredients. A chance to get creative and to use what is available. It is amazing what creations can be discovered when simplifying the possible components. Instead of concentrating on crusts and cakes, the focus is on rich custards, and creams. Smooth silky concoctions offset by crisp berries and juicy seasonal fruits. Sticky Fudge made with dark chocolate and roasted nuts.


Cream Cheese Fudge and White Chocolate Ganache

Passover is an eight day holiday on which the Jewish people remember the redemption from Egypt. The Israelites left Egypt in such a hurry that the bread for the journey didn't have enough time to rise, because of this we do not eat Chametz or any leaven bread on Passover. This includes grain, and almost all processed foods unless it is certified kosher for passover. There is a custom that during passover we don't offer our guests food because of the many different opinions of what is permissible and what is prohibited to eat on passover, we don't want to make anyone uncomfortable if they must refuse our invitation. Instead guests may be free to feel at home and to help themselves.

flourless pound cake with passion fruit ice cream

Flourless Pound Cake with Passion Fruit Ice Cream

Our family abstains from most processed food except for chocolate and dairy products. We eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, meats and dairy. Homemade applesauce is a family favorite as well as fresh squeezed orange juice in the morning. I adore dairy desserts and fill my menu with laborious confections such as Tiramisu and mouth watering ice creams and Parfaits. Taking my time in the kitchen, folding together the light fluffy mousse and licking the spoon covered in sweet cream cheese. Another favorite, effortless and decadent dessert is chocolate covered matzah with whipped cream cheese and homemade preserves.

whipped cream cheese berry parfait

Lemon and Berry Cream Cheese Parfait

Passover is a time to spend with family and friends. Reflecting on overcoming our personal boundaries, simplifying our lives and homes. Getting back to basics and remembering what is really important. The first step is looking deeper into what we eat. Real food made in our own kitchens. Feeding our loved ones thoughtfully. Seeing the smile on their faces while sitting together enjoying the holiday.