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Do It Yourself Crafts for Your Seder


For every Jewish holiday there are loads of crafts we can make with our kids or even on our own as adults.  It is fun to have our personalized items to use and our friend, Sarah Dahan, from always has a amazing ideas.  Look through your collection and see what might be missing or which item has seen a better year.  You will find links to all of these crafts at the bottom of this page.  And don't miss our Makot Matching Game.

Maybe it is time to make a gorgeous Bejeweled Wine Glass for Eilayu you can even dress up your regular wine glasses this way.

jeweled wine glass

The best craft my kids ever came home with was the Decorated Pillow Case for Dad.  It is perfect to keep our pillows clean and really livens up the table. The kids feel so special when they see it at the table.

pillow case

I am really into having frogs at the seder, the ones I make are edible (stay tuned for those next week), but these are a perfect non edible choice.


Finally, no seder is complete without the Afikomen, so why not make a fun decorative No Sew Felt Bag, it is so easy older kids can do it themselves.


Bejeweled Cup of Eliyahu

Decorated Pillow Case

Bottle Cap and Plastic Lid Frogs

No Sew Felt Afikomen Bag