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DYI Distressed Simanim Plate Stand


Before we know it the summer will be over and our children will be back at school. Instead of being consumed with new shoes, backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies, we will readily turn our attention to our Rosh Hashanah menus.  As a crafter of sorts my brain works a bit different.  I see the Yom Tovim in texture and color, and I think to myself what can I make (AKA CRAFT) that will add vibrancy to my table and get my children excited about the upcoming holiday.

What I love about the craft that I am about to show you, is that you can not only do it by yourself, but you can also have your children join you too. It’s easy, simple, and a super inexpensive serving piece that can be used all year long!

distressed cake plate diy


  • Martini Glass & Plate (You can get these at the dollar store) – Does not matter if it has grooves, it will only add texture. You can also use thin china plates.
  • Folk Art ENAMEL Paints – These have an E at the top. DO NOT buy the regular acrylic ones.
    You want to get (1) White and (1) color in 2 different tones. So if you want to make a pink cake plate.
    Buy (1) dark pink and (1) light pink and (1) white.
    To make an antique cake plate buy gold or silver and white. You can purchase these paints at any Michaels store near you.
  • E6000 Glue or any other strong glass glue.
  • (1) Large Flat Brush
  • Paint Palette – you can also use a paper plate


Step 1 – Clean your pieces with water and dry them with a towel. The paint will not adhere to a dirty surface.

4 paint splat

Step 2 – On a paper plate or paint palette squeeze out the 2 tones of the color that you chose. In my case, I chose to make a blue stand, so as you can see in my photo I squeezed out light blue and dark blue paint. 


Step 3 – Using your brush, paint the top side of your plate, mixing the colors so you have a nice even tone of your two opposing shades. Let it sit and dry. Repeat the same procedure with the martini glass. Make sure to paint the top, stem, and bottom of your martini glass. 


Step 4 – Once dry, squeeze out some white paint onto your paint palette or paper plate. Using a TINY bit of paint spread the brush very LIGHTLY over the painted plate and martini glass. Since you don’t have a lot of paint on your brush you will see the color paint underneath and it will start to appear crackled and weathered. . You can also add some gold to give it an antique look.

7 Baking

Step 5 – Once you are finished painting your pieces. Let them sit and dry for 24 hours. There are (2) ways to cure the paint on the glass so they can be washable. The first way is to BAKE them (NO I am NOT crazy) in your oven on the rack at 350 for ½ an hour. The other way is to leave it aside for 21 days and it will cure on its own. If you are baking your pieces, the best thing to do is to turn your martini glass upside down, so the heavier part is sitting on the rack. Your glass should not break in the oven. Trust me, I’m a glass painter :)

8 GLUE plate

Step 6 – Now that your pieces are set you can glue them together. Add a liberal amount of the E6000 to the top of your martini glass and to the back of your plate. Stick the pieces together and turn the plate stand upside down. Put a very heavy book on top of it and let it sit overnight.


Step 7 – Once it’s dry, USE IT, LOVE IT, and BRAG ABOUT IT!!!! 

12 cake plate with cake1

Psssstttt…… By the way, you don’t only have to use these simanim platters for Rosh Hashanah, they also make FABULOUS cake plates for during the year!! 

Don't want to go to all the trouble of making your own? Come on over to and I can ship one out to you.

distressed pieces