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Eat What You Want Day

eat what you want

Today's food holiday is a little different.  Most of them are so specific, like Blueberry Pie Day and Cherry Cheesecake Day, but today it is all about you and what you want to eat.  Now, this doesn't mean that you should eat as much as you want of lots of junky foods, but it is a day to reflect on what food you really want.

Most of the time we eat what is in front of us.  Food that are easy to make and readily available.  We follow diet regimens and budget restrictions and limit the foods we choose from.  Today, is the day to find something you have been missing and go ahead and enjoy it, even if it means changing your menu at the last minute.

For some it might mean splurging on a rack of lamb or rib roast.  For others it might be decadent chocolates.  Still others might go for specialty potato chips or even plain old Lays they don't normally let themselves eat for fear of finishing the whole bag.  Some might want a lavish cake others might want some fiddleheads or ramps.  Some might want a simple comforting bowl of mac and cheese.

To each his own.  We suggest using tonight, your Shabbat dinner to add something extra special just because you want it and if you can do it for the whole family even better, maybe you can guess what they would want.  Then spend the time to talk to your family and find out what it is that they would want to eat on Eat What You Want Day. See if you match up or if you are surprised by the answer.

What will you eat on eat what you want day?