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Father's Day Gift Guide

father's day collage

Father's Day is fast approaching, you have less than 2 weeks to get the dads in your life something to let them know you love them.  BBQ is usually the theme of the day.  Not sure when that started, but it has become a tradition for many families to get together to grill on Father's day.  If that is what you do then the gift giving is easy.  There are so many fantastic BBQ related gifts.

You could make your own spice rub, really any flavor goes, but this is the recipe from our grilling expert - Homemade Spice Rub. Package it in a nice spice tin.

spice rub blends

If you would rather just buy it all ready to go try Teeny Tiny Spice Co. Spice Rubs available from Amazon.  You can pair that with a set of Cedar Planks for grilling salmon or chicken with tremendous flavor.  Finally, if you want to go one more step above, pick him up this vegetable grill rack, everyone loves the taste of grilled veggie.

If grilling is not really your family thing or you did that last year and want to change it up, you might want to try a Soda Stream.  See how much we love soda stream in this article, Adventures with my Soda Stream.   If he already has one, get him a fun packet of flavors, they don't have any real or fake sugar, but add a nice flavor enhancement to your soda.  Get the My Water Variety pack.


For the coffee lover dad's get them this Coffee Master Around the World in 12 Coffees.  It offers a leather bound book filled with 12 single origin coffees. They will taste and learn and find their favorites.


If your dad is more into Mad Men you might want to get him this stainless cocktail shaker and bar set.    He can learn to perfect his Old Fashioned for himself and everyone else.

gift bar set for dad

Choose a BBQ Smoker

Last, but not least, if yours is jumping on the Smoking band wagon as so many are these days, don't miss our How To Choose a Smoker Guide to help you pick out the perfect Father's day gift that will keep on giving everything from smoked brisket, ribs to turkey.

Would love to know what you do on Father's day, let us know in the comments below.  Happy Father's Day.