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Five Compote Recipes

compote for blog

Most people only eat compote on Passover. Maybe because it's so much easier to make it for dessert than to patchke with 5 dozen eggs and potato starch? It is so wonderful to have the house smelling of fruit and cinnamon. Nothing like it.  There was even a whole food holiday devoted to it last month - National Fruit Compote Day, check out the article for fun facts about this French dessert.  Here are five fabulous compote recipes, but they are so versatile - how do you compote?

Dried Fruit Compote 

dried fruit compote

Dried Fruit Compote with Green Tea and Lemon

dried fruit compote with green tea and lemon


compote for blog


Cranberry & Ruby Grapefruit Compote 


Rhubarb Vanilla Compote