Gingerbread Hamantaschen Recipe

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Gingerbread Hamantaschen with Spiced Apple Filling

I love ginger in all its forms, pickled for sushi, candied and especially ground inside little ginger bread people.  When I first tried baking Gingerbread Men quite a few years back, after trying my first gingerbread latte, I felt like I was doing something wrong.  Gingerbread Men have long been associated with the secular holiday season, but there’s nothing remotely religious about them except for the heavenly taste and no reason why we can't make and enjoy ginger cookies in any form.  A few weeks back, when my Ema was in town, my brother had been begging for a Gingerbread House.  I was excited to make my annual Gingerbread cookies, but a house is way out of my league.  Fortunately, my mom is an artist and real estate agent so she was up to the task and my brother fulfilled his “giant” fantasy breaking a house and eating it, too.

While we were all baking and decorating, a little light bulb went on over my head.  What about Gingerbread Hamantashen? I found a recipe for Gingerbread Macarons that used an apple compote filling that was almost creamy without any cream and these Gingerbread Hamantashen were born. I couldn't be any happier with my spicy creation!  Even my not so ginger happy husband gave me a big thumbs up when I twisted his arm into trying one hot and fresh from the oven, I mean really who could resist?  Whatever you have planned for your mishloach manot, these Gingerbread Hamantashen should be added to your list.  For our michloach manot, we’re going to put them in large mugs with our own special blend of looseleaf Chai Tea and Spiced Chocolate Truffles.  Who is going to want winter to end now?

Gingerbread Hamantashen with Apple Compote Filling