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Glitter Fruit Sukkah Decoration

sugar coated fruit

What You will need:

glitter fruit

1. Fresh fruit, you can also use plastic because it will no longer be edible when you are done
2. Kosher salt
3. Fine grain glitter
4. Spray adhesive
5. Disposable gloves
6. Paper plate and plastic spoon

This is very easy to do and with great results.

First mix equal amounts of kosher salt and glitter on a paper plate. This stuff will get everywhere so if possible this is best done outside. Put on plastic gloves (this is a must because the spray adhesive will get all over your hands and will take FOREVER to come off).

sugar coating

Spray the fruit all around and while its still wet roll it in your glitter mixture. I also spooned glitter onto the fruit as I was rolling for better coverage. For the acorn I did it in sections because it was too big and the adhesive was drying before I got to the back. Set aside to dry. Once it is completely dry spray it again with adhesive. This will prevent the glitter from falling off everywhere. Allow it to dry for a few hours. This is a beautiful centerpiece. I plan to do all kinds of fruit and gords and line them down my entire Sukkah table.


It is also a nice place setting option. Last but not least if you feel terrible about wasting good fruit this can also be done with sugar and egg whites. It is not as bold, but no fruit will be harmed in the process. Have a wonderful Yom Tov!