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Gluten Free and Natural on Tu B'Shevat

raw vegan brownies

It is customary to celebrate Tu B'Shevat by eating the Seven Species of fruit and grains which are native to the land of Israel. When I think of Tu B'Shevat I think of slicing open a pomegranate, eating the seeds over Greek yogurt and drizzling it with honey for breakfast, while for dinner I'd imagine Moroccan chicken marinated and then baked in olives and prunes.

Tu B'Shevat is a special day not only for celebrating trees but also for celebrating everything the earth provides for us; all of our fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, wheat and barley, etc. Tu B'Shevat is a day to celebrate our health and maybe even re-evaluate our eating habits.  The perfect time to introduce new fruits and vegetables into our daily meals.  After all Tu B'Shevat is a new year, and on New Years we make new resolutions.

fig and onion galette

Fig and Onion Galette

I decided that this would be my Tu B'shevat resolution: From now on I will try to incorporate more natural ingredients and cut out unhealthy processed sugars as often as possible. My first recipe is a Flour-less Brownie which is sweet and rich, made up of ground nuts and dates to make the perfect brownie texture, and has a kick of rich dutch cocoa and espresso. The second is an Almond Galette glazed with a fig and onion balsamic reduction. Both recipes are Gluten free, without sacrificing flavor or presentation. All the ingredients are festive for Tu B'shevat and help create a sweet and natural celebration.

No Bake (Raw/Vegan) Date and Nut Brownie

Almond Galette with Fig and Onion Glaze