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Hallel/Nirtza - Next Year In Jerusalem

1 Day Until Passover

Hallel is a song of praise that is sung in synagogue on holidays and is said as the second to last step of the seder, while Nirtza is the final step that bring it all home. We joyfully say "Next Year In Jerusalem!" as the seder comes to a close. With Passover in 1 day and this countdown coming to a close for this year there are so many last minute details to take care of, but when I mull over what has just passed I am thankful that I took part in this countdown as I am a lot further along because of it.

The last step to think about is packing up after the holiday is complete. I know that seems like the end of Passover is a while away, the days will fly by because of the time you will spend with family and friends. Here are some tips on packing up after the holiday has come to a close.

Fill Those Containers: Make sure you have plastic containers and/or boxes ready for after Passover so that you can wrap everything up in one go. I try to pack up my Passover items in categories so I can easily find it next year. I put all of my pots, pans, dishes, and you name it kitchen utensils together, haggadahs, seder plate and any books can go together and then all the miscellaneous items in the final boxes.

Label, Label, Label: Once you have put all of the items in the boxes, it is extremely important to label them properly. At this point your best friend with be masking tape and a black permanent marker. Make sure to write a brief note of what is in the box so that you can easily find what you need next year.

Use Up Your Passover Food: I don't know about you, but I usually get to the end of Passover and still have kosher for Passover products left. Have fun with your leftover products! There are a lot things you can make that aren't for Passover that can be made with Passover products. Also don't hesitate to give your unopened non-perishable foods to your local Jewish Food Bank.

Make A List:If you're anything like me you will get to next Passover and realize that yet another year has gone by and you forgot to get x,y or z for Passover. Make a list of any items  you wished you would have had this year, yes a new food processor or slow cooker counts, and tape the list to the outside of your boxes. You can also keep any grocery lists and recipes you made in a folder and put it into one of the boxes.

Thanks so much for sticking with us through this Passover Countdown journey. Check out all of this year’s Passover Countdown posts here. And don't forget Chag Kasher V'Sameach and May We Be Next Year In Jerusalem!!