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Happy Purim

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hamentaschen

Well, it's been intense preparing for this holiday - but we have had so much bringing you all the Purim recipes and Seudah themes and ways to wrap your Mishloach Manot.

Here's a round up of what we shared with you - bookmark this page to use again next year!

tortilla soup

Seudah Menus:

Jamie Geller's Cowboy and Cowgirl Themed Menu

Sharon Lurie's Purim Seudah

Shifrah Devorah and Zipporah Malka's Mexican Seudah

gift hummus


My Most Memorable Purim, from Jamie Geller

Take Down the Carbs this Purim, from Nechama Cohen

Purim Treats Beyond Belief, from Allaya Fleischer

Healthy Mishloach Manot Ideas, from Tamar

Asian Themed Mishloach Manot, from Shifrah Devorah and Zipporah Malka

Purim Cake Pops, from Miriam Pascal

Ten Best Hamantash Recipes

Not Just Hamantashen, from Tina Wasserman

Purim Gift Ideas - May the Force be With You, from Tamar

Mishloach Manot Ideas, from Pam Reiss

Peanut Butter and Jelly Hamantashen, from Melissa Kaye Apter

Secrets to a Healthy Purim, from Tamar

Non-Dairy Desserts, from Shoshana Ohriner

Purim Disguised Dishes - The Surprise is on the Inside, from Allison and Jeff Nathan

Homemade Muffins for Mishloach Manot, from Ronnie Fein

Purim Table

Purim Crafts:

Dress Up Yourselves and Your Table with These Easy Crafts

Purim DIY Packaging Ideas 

Creative Mishloach Manot from Recycled Containers 

Purim Party Ideas for Fun and Whimsy

A Pirate Purim Party 


Getting into the spirit of things:

Spirit Recommendations to Lift Your Spirits this Purim 

How to Make the Perfect Cocktail 

Purim Wine Recommendations 


Here are the Rabbi's explanations about this great fun holiday:

What is Purim?

Is Purim the Jewish Halloween?

Why Do We Drink on Purim?

What are Mishloach Manot?