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Happy Shavuot and Memorial Day!!


Enjoy your long weekend, the overlapping of the American and Jewish holiday this year has its pros and cons.  We are celebrating the pros with all sorts of menu ideas and recipes to celebrate both.

We hope you have enjoyed our many Shavuot menus and have found ways to incorporate cheese into your weekend as a Cheese Plate Appetizeror as a Cheesey Dessert.  We gave you Shavuot wine recommendations and fun gadgetsto buy.   Our new friend Michal shared some of the history of the holiday and a slew of Romanian Recipes for us.  Tutorials for making your own Cheesecake and Rolling Blintzes help even the best of us remember what to do.  And don't forget the Dairy Cocktails.

Enjoy and come back after the holiday to review all the recipes you made so you and all of can remember what you liked for next year.