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Have a Coke and Empanada and Coconut Cream Pie Day

coconut cream pie

Today's food holiday is not clear.  Is it Have a Coke Day? Coconut Cream Pie Day? or National Empanda Day?  It seems like it might just be all three.  While we often just choose one on these occurrences, these foods actually go together quite well so it seemed a shame to leave any out. Now you know what to have for lunch today so get in the kitchen, we have some cooking to do.

Let's start with Empanadas.  These are the Latin American Sandwich although they originate din Portugal.  Beginning with a delicate pastry outside and filled with your choice of fillings from meat, to cheese, to vegetable to even sweets like Dulce de Leche, they are the perfect on the go food.  They can be baked or fried and freeze well too.

Empanada Dough

If you want to stay parve try these Vegetarian Beef Empanadas if you want to go dairy just fill  the dough with a mixture of cooked mushrooms and Gruyere.  Or go meat with traditional Baked Beef Empanadas.


You can make this variation using pizza dough  Mexican Pizza Empanadas.


This one using wonton wrappers might be even easier - Wonton Beef Empanadas.

coconut cream tower

Now on to dessert.  You can make a classic Coconut Cream Pie seen in the main image or try this Coconut Cream & Ginger Tower

Flush it all down with a coke!