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Help Me Make a Where's Waldo Themed Shalach Manos

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

SOS!  I am not kidding, somebody help!

So usually I am full of tips, tricks and tasty tidbits but right now I am totally tapped.  If you read this months AWESOME!!!! Purim Magazine  then you know my Purim has been planned since last year.  My favorite pulled BBQ brisket sandwiches already had a test run and I was shopping for cowboy boots-- or at least I was, in my head.

Until my lovely family reminded me that I must've lost my head because I apparently promised (also last year) we could all be Waldo and Wenda - the candy striped characters from our favorite Where's Waldo books.  Well I am feeling a little farmished to say the least.  I'm finishing the final round of cookbook editing before sending the manuscript to the copy editor, ignoring the jet lag from my 4 day NYC trip, juggling the details of a merge (did you hear? more exciting stuff on that soon), toilet training my toddler (is it wrong to talk about that on a food blog), in pre-production on the Joy of Israel series and hosting this Shabbos.  I managed to get the costumes last week with my mother-in-law but have NO clue what to do for shalach manos.

I think the obvious way to go is red and white.  But in what vessel?  And with what foods?  I need two brachos and probably can't get away without making something homemade -- yet I yearn from the depths of my soul for an uncomplicated solution.  If it's smart enough and creative enough (I am so bad at cards, concepts and poems) maybe I can to something clever and simple.

I had a vision of adapting these Chocolate Peppermint Cookies into hamantashen.  I was going to omit the cocoa powder and fill them with peppermint cream and top with crushed red and white candies.  I brought back the Earth Balance, forgot the candies (can I find them here in Israel?) and have no time to create the cream.  If I can find the candies I can always just make these cookies without the cocoa and package it with a bottle of milk... although I am feeling like that's not red and white enough...

Your turn to help a sister out...

Think food, think packaging, think messaging...

Nu, so what should I do?


Check out this amazing Where's Waldo Persian scene from Serach Goldish with a A Goldish Touch she created this amazing art work. With the following note:

There's plenty to find, including whatever is listed plus some fun things like, a crazy monkey, a flying palace, people rowing a magic carpet, and more. Also Waldo and Wenda lost their canes (we put in red/white candy canes), Woof lost his biscuts (tea biscuts), the wizard lost his scrolls (presidors), and Odlaw is a bit nuts and lost his chocolate (yellow/black m and m's). If you find them , please eat them.

Downloadable Where's Waldo Purim Card