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Holiday Prep Tip #3 - Organize Your Shopping List

shopping list

Now that you know your menu, including intended repeats organize your list by shelf stable and fresh produce.  Have you ever noticed that stores start to run out of stuff as the end of the holiday draws to a close?  Of course this is most prevalent on Passover but it happens during the High Holiday season as well.  We usually do 1 BIG and by BIG I mean HUGE shop at the start and then fill in with perishables and last minute items throughout the month.  This way you have everything (or most things) you know you need at the ready.

When you organize your list though, be sure to include any perishables you need for bulk cooking within that first shop.

A well-stocked house is helpful for lots of reasons but I’ll give you two:

1. Should you find yourself with unexpected free time (it does happen!) you can get a jump on things.

2. Ingredients in house keep you from having to call an audible.  You know how we can all get.  As flexible as we wish we were when we have our heart set on making something we want to make THAT and only THAT.  Because not only is THAT important, in fact essential to our menu, but THIS side was reliant on THAT main and once we don’t have THAT we have to also change THIS and then, well you know, it’s just the beginning of the end.

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