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Hanukkah Party Ideas: How to Host the Best Party


Chanukah is here! Every year I try to think about how I can make this year special and create wonderful memories with my family and friends. I love to entertain and always have at least one Chanukah party.  I try to personalize my table, make it kid friendly, and give back to the community. To accomplish all three goals is a hard thing, but every year I try.

To Personalize My Table:

I start with a color palette. Chanukah has a natural color palette of blue, white, and silver. But, you can add a pop of orange or lime green or play with the tones of the blues.  I love what the Jewish Hostess shared for a

chanukah table

on this site last week.  I find the hardest part is making the table look beautiful, so here are some tips:

  1. Layering: the key to every table is layering. I try to use stuff I all ready own and add accents to make the table come together. You can even start with a normal white table cloth.  Then use some fun chargers to give a three dimensional look to everyday normal white dishes. You can find stainless steel, sequined, a cloth pattern, or even cut a decorative rapping paper.
  2. Vases: You can do a lot to dress up a room with vases.  Over the years I have collected a whole bunch in all different sizes (easy to get at Michael's).  Then before the party I bring them to the supermarket flower department and the rest is done for me.
  3. Supplies:  Always keep some ribbons and a glue gun at hand.  You can make napkin rings out of ribbons and glue on a big broche or jewels to give it a rich feeling.

To make it kid friendly:

Start by talking with the kids and getting them involved.  This year mine have really gotten excited over baking. And with cake pops being all the rage, I got a cake pop maker with tons of blue and white edible sprinkles.  Now we can make cake pops as a centerpiece for the kids table.


Custom placemats - every year I like to make our own placemats as a fun decoration and an acitivty for the kids.  There are a few ways you can do this.

  1. You can collect pictures of your child through out the year and glue them down on a big 11x17 piece of paper. You can also pull some hannukah pictures of driedles, blue and white patterns you like. Then just go to your local staples and ask them to laminate it. They come out great and the kids love seeing themselves at the table.
  2. I also love graphic patterns. I create a pattern in my color scheme and put there name on it and laminate it, just like the one above.  In case you don't know how to make your own patterns I have three here for you to choose from.  Download and print them now.  Chanukah Placemats.


Give back to the community:

Every year I try and do something to teach my kids tzedakah.  Last year we went to a rock and wrap party, we brought presents, decorated wrapping paper and wrapped it for kids in the community. This year we're going to go through our toys and clothes to find things to donate.  Also, instead of giving real gifts to our extended family we are going to make them cake in a bag.  We will put all the ingredients together so that they can make their own cake and put a custom tag that says, "Thanks for celebrating with the Usdan family" a donation has been made in your name to our favorite charity."

Happy Chanukah!