How to Cut Calories on Chanukah

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jelly donut

With all the fried food Chanukah is hardly the dieter's dream holiday (honestly, what Jewish holiday is?).  But, tongue firmly in cheek, here are 8 ways to keep your Chanukah calorie count down.  (I promise to do these all next year. No, really ...)

1. Eat latkes over the sink. Everyone knows calories consumed over a sink don't count.

2. Reuse frying oil as bio-fuel. You don't really save any calories but you will help save the planet.

3. Just suck the jelly out of the doughnuts.

4. Choose apple sauce over sour cream (who are we kidding, really?).

5. Have diet soda with your latkes.

6. Eat no more than 3 sufganiot (again, who are we kidding?).

7. Only eat the small coins of chocolate gelt.

8. Deep fried salad!

How do you cut calories on Chanukah?