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This year we are lucky to have a full 4 days of Chol Hamoed (5 if you live in Israel). With Passover Yom Tov on Saturday and Sunday we have the whole week to go on day trips with family and friends.  This gives you the opportunity to cook up some delicious dinners. In honor of the full 4 days of Chol Hamoed I have created a collection of recipes to use up your Seder leftovers for easy Chol Hamoed dinners.

Charoset Stuffed Chicken Breast

Charoset Stuffed Chicken

I often make too much charoset for the Seder and I'm left with a ton of leftovers. Charoset is great to shmear on matzo, but this Charoset Stuffed Chicken Breast recipe is a creative way to use up the bulk of  your charoset in a main dinner course.

Charoset Sweet Potato Sandwich

charoset sweet potato turkey sandwich

Another option is to shmear charoset on toasted sweet potato slices, they make the perfect sub for toast when you've had too much matzo and if you add some sliced turkey, it's a healthy portable lunch. 

Seder Plate Frittata

Seder Plate Frittata85

Seder Plate Frittata is a nice starter, breakfast or lighter dinner main where you can use up the food from your Seder plate. The food on the Seder plate often goes to waste,  but this is your chance to turn those leftovers into a meal to remember, a delectable frittata.

Horseradish Gefilte Fish

horseradish crusted gefilte fish

Use up the extra horseradish not just on the side of your gefilte, but inside and out!

Leftover Gefilte Fish Quick and Yummy Salad

Leftover Gefilte fish Salad

Or turn extra gefilte fish into a salad.  Gefilte fish is a classic starter at the Seder. Usually it is paired with spicy horseradish, but in this Leftover Gefilte Fish Quick and Yummy Salad you can pair your leftover gefilte fish with sweet mango in addition to avocado, dried cranberries and fennel, surprisingly good.

Crispy Gefilte Sticks

crunchy gefilte fish

If you prefer crispy food, go ahead and coat your leftover gefilte fish similar to this recipe, but use KFP breadcrumbs instead of cornflake crumbs.  You will love this change up to your soft gefilte. 

Assorted Deviled Eggs

deviled eggs

Use up leftover hard boiled eggs by turning them into a platter of deviled eggs.