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Incredible Edible Homemade Frogs

edible frog

On Passover we remember the Exodus from Egypt and retell the story of the ten plagues.  The second plague is probably the most famous (especially if you have preschool children).  Frogs here, frogs there, frogs are jumping everywhere.  I am sure every Seder has something froggy jumping around.  Maybe the frog salt and pepper shakers I saw in the Passover issue of Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller magazine?  Or toy frogs?  Or a Kermit puppet?

To be honest, aside from the frog that came in the Makot bag we never had any amphibians at my Passover table.  Last year, as I looked around and saw all the little marshmallow bunnies they sell in the store for Easter, I realized that little marshmallow frogs would be perfect for the Seder and that led me to the internet to buy a frog shaped cookie cutter.

With a frog cookie cutter I could make anything frog shaped, the possibilities were endless.  When the cookie cutter came, it was adorable a little smaller than I expected, but that didn’t matter, I now had the ability to create frogs out of anything faster than you can say “ribbit!”  I made these Marshmallow Frogs reminiscent of soft marshmallow peeps, but I didn’t want to pass those out during the discussion of the plagues or the kids would hit their sugar high too early, so instead with advice from a Twitter friend, I made some green kiwi frogs we all enjoyed as a refreshing palate cleanser.

This year, I was thinking I can make honeydew frogs and I am sure there are even more ideas out there, so let’s make a rainbow connection and share your best ideas for going green this Passover.