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Jamie's Chanukah Sizzle Reel

Caprese Latke

I wanted to share what we in the "industry" call a sizzle reel. Translation - a 2 minute clip of the pilot we shot for PBS. We actually shot this before Rosh Hashanah. My neighbors got a kick out of all the menorahs in the window in the middle of September and my kiddies loved opening their presents early. I was obviously uber-pregnant (could barely reach the counter) and collapsed at the end of the 14 hour shoot (feet throbbing, head aching, back burning kinda collapse). We are editing together the full half hour episode now, I am so excited.

The food star of this episode, my Caprese latke tower - cover of this month's JoK mag and my new favorite way to dress up a latke. Tell me what you think? Of the latke and the sizzle. Don't you just LOVE this song from the Moshav Band? I cried like a baby the first time I heard it and not just because I was an emotional pregnant mess. Every time Hubby plays it my oldest goes "oh is Mommy going to cry again?"

Happy Chanukah!