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Jewish Food for a Long Shabbat

potato kugel

Its always a challenge making hot foods for Shabbat lunch other than cholent. I came up with the idea to make a Yaptzik, a.k.a over night potato kugel with meat. It is so easy to make and so delicious. It is always a big hit and great for sitting around on a long Shabbat enjoying your guests. I tried to google the origins of the recipe and the name and there wasn’t much except for that it was layers of potato kugel and meat cooked in an over night oven.  This is not a light recipe nor the most Summery, but I like the changeover from cholent, try this Yaptzik recipe.


Another idea for hot food for Shabbat day was putting a Naval Pastrami (a fully cooked and smoked pastrami) in the oven over night. I bought it at Seasons in Lawrence and it come double wrapped it plastic. I take off the outer plastic layer and keep the vacuum packed plastic on. Right before Shabbat when I am putting in my Yaptzik in the oven I place my pastrami in a Pyrex dish and fill it ¾ way up with hot water cover it tightly and place it in the oven at 200 degrees. The next day I carefully take it out as the water is very hot. I drain the water, cut open the plastic and slice the pastrami. (it cuts like butter) My guest and family go crazy over this meat. (Make sure you buy the Naval pastrami as it is fully cooked already.) I serve it with different kinds of mustard.

Image Source from Flickr Creative Commons License:

Overnight Potato Kugel (a.k.a) yaptzik - Flickr -  Edsel

Pastrami - Flickr - Arnold