Just A Pie Full Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Down

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mini crack pies

The Kosher Connection decided to dedicate this month's link up to our longtime friend and distinguished Jewish food historian, Gil Marks. Gil has been sick for a while and we want to wish him a refuah shleimah (complete healing). I am sharing my recipe for these mini pies (full of sugar) in hopes to add a little sweetness during this otherwise difficult time. Gil has been an inspiration and a true pioneer. We thank Gil for all his amazing books, writing and teachings over the years and look forward to many more.

I made this recipe as an adaptation to Momofuku's famous crack pie, I read about online. It is supposed to be so good, that you can't stop eating it.  I first discovered Momofuku's recipes when I attempted a new recipe for chocolate cookies that just didn't really hold together and I ended up with a bunch of chocolate cookie crumbs.  I was able to use those crumbs to make these Chocolate Chocolate Cookies with Cookie Crumbs, which turned out absolutely amazing.  I learned that one of Momofuku's specialties was using cookie crumbs and cake crumbs in the cookies and cakes.  So, when I found myself with graham cracker crumbs that wouldn't hold together I knew where to turn.

This time I was attempting Einat Admony's recipe for the Israeli treat, Krembo.   The graham cracker crumbs were supposed to be mixed with butter, so I subbed coconut oil.  I am not sure if that was the problem or if it was just me, but the crumbs didn't bake up into a cookie crust.  I could have just thrown them away, but they tasted so good.  I mixed some into the marshmallowy krembo filling, covered with some with chocolate and stuck them in the freezer.  Luckily it was just my in laws and my brother's family so I still served them and while they could not get enough, it is not a recipe I would share or try and replicate.  I saved the rest of the crumbs and found Momofuko's crack pie as my inspiration for this recipe.

The original crust is made from oat cookies and I am sure that would taste different, but this is a bit easier and made non dairy.  They are far from the healthiest thing you can make, so that is why I made them miniature.  Just keep them out of site or save them for a special occasion, because they too can be addictive.

Get Well Gil.

Here is the full recipe for Mini Sugar Pies.

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