Do you want to make tasty, creative, wholesome food for Shabbat dinner without running out to buy fancy spices or ingredients you don’t always have on hand? Here are a variety of sweet, savory and just delicious recipes with simple steps and simple ingredients.

Being health conscious yet wanting to eat tasty food, I invented these recipes. I’m a big believer that healthy food can look beautiful and taste amazing, these recipes have a variety of flavors, textures and are pleasing to the eye. Try the coleslaw and dress it up even more by serving it in a big glass bowl. All the colors are stunning, but you can also make it personal and serve in individual bowls or taco shells.

Whether it be a new babka recipe to impress your family or a colorful coleslaw that’s unique, we have got you covered. Hope you enjoy these new original recipes that upgrade your usual menu to something new and special! 

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Tangy Crunchy Coleslaw

This Tangy Crunchy Coleslaw salad adds beautiful color to your Shabbat dinner table. I have made this salad on many occasions and it is always a winner!   

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Sweet Potato Zucchini Kugel

A Shabbat classic. Tastes great hot or cold, enjoy!    

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Simple Salmon Over Noodles and Veggies

This salmon recipe was invented when I wanted to make a first course for a Shabbat meal, something simple yet elegant. Simply layer the plate; noodles, grilled veggies on side and flake on the salmon- the compliments will keep coming! The flavors of noodles, veggies and salmon complement each other and are very filling. Delicious either hot or from the fridge.

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Caramel Apple Babka

Simply add a scoop of vanilla pareve ice cream to your Caramel Apple Babka and dessert is ready!    

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