Korech - Top Ten Matzo Recipes

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Not everyone likes Passover matzo. There are some that say eating it can feel like you are eating dry wall paper paste (my Mom for example). I believe that matzo just has to be prepared the right way. During the Seder we take part in the step of Korech, where we eat a sandwich of matzo, maror and charoset, but for the rest of the holiday don't hesitate to dig in to a sandwich of cream cheese and jam, my favorite! If you don't keep Gebrokts (where you don't allow the matzo to come in contact with any liquid) you have many choices as to what to do with your matzo. I have compiled a list of 10 matzo recipes that you should definitely try!!

Banana and Peach Matzo Brie Bake is the perfect matzo brie recipe to start off your day during Passover. It's sweet and delicious and you can prep it ahead and then serve it hot when everyone is ready.

Wild Mushroom Matzo Stuffing

This savory Passover Wild Mushroom Matzo Stuffing recipe is great a side dish and it's super easy to make. You can bake it in a turkey or bake it on its own. All of your guests won't be able to wait to try a taste of this delicious stuffing.


Who knew you could still eat french toast on Passover. Try this 3 layered French Toast Matzo with Dill Cream Cheese. You won't be able to get enough of it!


Whole Wheat Matzo Granola is great as a snack or for breakfast. The fruit and nuts add a sweet and salty element to the recipe and the matzo adds an additional crunch. Make sure to try it with whole wheat matzo. Believe me, it's worth it!

Matzo Nachos

This Matza Nachos recipe is a must try. It's a great recipe for lunch or a snack l and it's especially wonderful because it's not too difficult to make but it will definitely impress!

butternut matzo lasagna passover

There is no way to get through Passover without trying this Butternut Squash Matzo Lasagna recipe. It's so easy to replace lasagna noodles with matzo that you will want to make this recipe all year round!

Arugala Matzo Pizza

Matzo pizza is a classic dish during Passover, but this Roasted Red Pepper and Arugula Matzo Pizza takes it to a whole new level. With the mixture of the roasted red pepper and arugula  flavors and a hint of heat from chili pepper flakes, one just won't be enough.


Another surprising recipe is this updated Korech sandwich, 

Balsamic Mushroom Matzo Panini With Mango Jam

. Who knew you could have a panini-style sandwich on Passover, and one this delicious at that!

passover mushroom pot pie

Mushroom Pot Pie with Matzo Crust is a Passover dairy version of the pot pie we eat all year round. The matzo makes the perfect crust and wild mushrooms give an exciting taste to this must have dish!

Matzo Farfel85

Last but certainly not least, you can't have a list of matzo recipes without a flawless matzo farfel recipe. Matzo Farfel with Feta and Basil is delicious and fresh way to eat your matzo and the feta and basil are a perfect combination.

We have so many matzo recipes that you have to check them all out here!!

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