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Dalton Winery - Passover Wine Recommendations

Kosher Wines

At a traditional Passover Seder, Jews all over the world come together to tell the story of our miraculous Exodus from Egypt.  Four cups of wine are served to commemorate our freedom and celebrate our deliverance from slavery.

One of my family’s Passover traditions is to select wines from Israel to enjoy at our Seder.  "Next year in Jerusalem“ takes on even more meaning when you raise a glass of wine from the Holy Land.

Alex Haruni, owner and winemaker at Dalton Winery, a kosher winery located in the Upper Galilee in Northern Israel recently spoke to (read our interview with Alex Haruni) to share some of his kosher for Passover wine recommendations.

Here are a few kosher for Passover wine ideas from our friends at Dalton to enjoy at your Seder (or anytime):

2010 Dalton Canaan Red 2010 (Galilee); $17.
Red Canaan is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Syrah and Shiraz and is an ideal table wine for Seder night.  This is an easy drinking medium-bodied red wine that aims to please any palate with sweet fruit, with notes of black pepper, cherries and plums, low tannins and soft vanilla tones.

2010 Dalton Shiraz 2010 (Galilee); $22.
Almost black in color, the nose is intense with black fruit, plums, berries, licorice, and black pepper.  The wine has soft integrated tannins and a satisfying finish.  Shiraz is a very concentrated wine with aging potential.

2010 Dalton Cabernet 2010 (Galilee); $20.
The Cabernet Sauvignon Dalton is a dark, rich and well-balanced wine, showing characteristic Cabernet Sauvignon forest fruit qualities such as currants, berries and mint, which are complemented very well with subtle vanilla flavors of French oak.

2010 Dalton Merlot (Galilee); $20.
The wine is a dark purple, it is showing classic varietal qualities of plums, black cherries, cloves and jam, balanced by subtle shades of vanilla from 10 months in the barrel.

2009 Dalton Alma (Galilee); $29.
Alma is a full-bodied red wine blend of Shiraz (82%), Mourvedre (12%) and Viognier (6%) showing rich earthy characteristics of leather and licorice with floral and raspberry notes.  The wine has a rich silky finish thanks to 15 months in French oak and is a perfect accompaniment to a brisket or stew.

2009 Dalton Reserve Cabernet (Galilee); $36.
This Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve is a dark purple wine and is full of forest fruit and mint, together with more complex notes of vanilla, chocolate and tobacco.  The depth of color and complex aromas refect careful aging – 18 months in oak.  This is a special occasion wine, ready to drink right now, but crafted to age gracefully over the next several years.