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Kosher Wine for Sukkot

sukkot wine

This year we enjoy a mid-October Sukkot.  The stars are coming out a little earlier, there is a chill in the air, leaves are starting to change color and the bees and mosquitoes are (hopefully) gone for the season.  Sukkot is also my most favorite holiday, there is nothing quite like al fresco dining and drinking.

Living in an apartment in the city our family relies on the kindness of friends and family during Sukkot, so we’re frequently visiting others with a bottle of wine in hand and thankfulness in our hearts.  Here are some of the wines we’ll be sharing this week.

Borgo Reale Prosecco (Italy); $19.

It is a slightly fruity and dry sparkling wine. A perfect alternative to expensive Champagne and a great way to celebrate the New Year or under the Sukkah.  Best served chilled.

2010 Carmel Sumaka Cabernet Sauvignon (Israel); $31.

A dark purple color, this medium to full bodied red wine has soft, round tannins and a pleasant finish. Pairs well with grilled meats or stews

2012 Mt. Tabor Merlot (Israel); $15.

Classic aromas of red cherry and currants with hints of black pepper. The wine has a dark red color, well balanced acidity with a medium body and is ready to drink.

2013 Dalton Alma White (Israel); $25.

This wine is a blend of Chardonnay (34%) and Viognier (66%). The Viognier was fermented with wild yeast and then blended with the Chardonnay, where they were allowed to marry for 4 months in small French oak.  A delicate medium-bodied wine with notes of peach, summer flowers, and honey. Pairs well with dairy meals or alongside brunch.

2010 Kadesh Barnea Negev (Israel); $19.
This wine matured for 10 months in oak barrels.  Full bodied with soft tannins and flavors of red fruit, toasted herbs, black olives, and dark chocolate.  Learn more about this unique winery set in the South of Israel here.

2012 Herzog Late Harvest Lodi Zinfandel (California); $21.
This late harvest wine has a rich texture and a luscious sweet berry fruit finish. A wonderful choice to enjoy after dinner under the stars or with dessert.

What’s on your Sukkot sip list?  Let us know in the comments below…