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Latkes That Just Happen To be Vegan and Gluten Free


Every year I try and come up with a new kind of latke.   I know I am not alone in this task, it seems all us foodie bloggers are doing the same, we can't seem to leave well enough alone and like to find new spins on old classics.  There is always new inspiration too. New trendy flavors, new products and sometimes just new thoughts.

Growing up my mom would always make potato, zucchini and mixed vegetable as her latkes of choice.  She isn't the type to use a recipe and they always came out great.  When I started making latkes, I am going to be honest, it took me some time to figure out how to get them just right.  Sometimes they wouldn't really cook through to the middle and I was left with a raw potato taste and sometimes they didn't stick together.  My first successful latke that my family loves actually comes from Joan Nathan.  Her thin crispy latkes use grated potatoes and eggs only, so they are also gluten free.  I found making them thin was the trick and I love the long strands of potato.  The recipe is so good I actually won a latke making contest quite a few years back.

I always make at least one night/batch of those classic latkes, but after that I start to play.  This year, I started to make my own Harissa, based on the peppers you use it might not even be very spicy, but it is flavorful and my family loves it.  Inspired by the Moroccan flavor I figured I would use chickpea flour which binds we'll enough that I wouldn't need eggs or flour and my recipe was born. Make them bit size, make them large, whatever you do, mix in the harissa and serve a little extra mixed with light mayo as the ultimate topping.

Here is my recipe for Vegan Gluten Free Harissa Latkes.

harissa latkes

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